What is a Cantilever Rack?

A cantilever rack is a type of storage system used in warehouses and industrial facilities to store long, bulky, or irregularly shaped items such as lumber, steel bars, pipes, tubing, and other similar materials. It is designed to maximize storage capacity and accessibility for items that may not fit well on traditional pallet racks or shelving systems.

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What are Key features of a cantilever rack system include:

Cantilever Arms: The defining feature of a cantilever rack is the horizontal arms that extend out from vertical columns or uprights. These arms are where the materials are placed and supported.

Single-Sided or Double-Sided: Cantilever racks can be single-sided, with arms on only one side of the vertical columns, or double-sided, with arms on both sides. Double-sided racks provide more storage capacity but require more space.

Adjustable Arms: Most cantilever racks have adjustable arms, allowing you to customize the rack to accommodate different-sized items. This flexibility makes it suitable for storing various materials of varying lengths.

Vertical Columns/Uprights: The vertical columns, also known as uprights, support the cantilever arms. They are anchored to the floor and often have holes or slots at regular intervals to adjust the height of the arms.

Load Capacity: Cantilever racks are designed to handle heavy loads. The load capacity depends on the rack’s design, the material used, and the spacing of the arms.

Accessibility: One of the main advantages of cantilever racks is that they provide easy access to materials. Forklifts or other material handling equipment can easily reach and retrieve items from the arms.

Cantilever racks are commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and lumberyards where long, heavy materials need to be stored efficiently. They help keep materials organized, prevent damage, and make it easier to access items when needed. The versatility and adaptability of cantilever racks make them a popular choice for many warehouse and industrial storage needs.

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